One With the Earth

Universal Symbol for Environmental Awareness

--------- One with the Earth ---------- Universal Environmental Symbol
Like the Peace Symbol, this versatile universal environmental symbol can be used and interpreted freely

Use it to convey awareness that we are all one with the Earth

The design represents:
Earth, Land, Water, Sun and Life

More information below

Why an environmental symbol?

Universal Environmental Symbol. Click on Image to See Larger. For variations of symbol, click on "Symbol Art and Uses" above.
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  One with the Earth Artwork

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Pictures from a Southampton, NY school
'One with the Earth' button making project

Symbol design represents Earth,
(the source of all life's energy),
water (covers 70% of the Earth's surface),
land (30% of the Earth's surface) and life

One with the Earth
Universal Environmental Symbol

The symbol is free for all to use--
It is not associated with any organization, group, business, ideology or political party

Read why a new symbol & why you should use it.
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All environmental concerns are components of one overarching goal:
to ensure a livable world for our children and future generations

Pablo Campos Moreno sent in these pictures showing how his environmental group is using the Universal Eco-Symbol
The name of the group is Grupo Ecologista de Tijuana.

Visit their website to see some very creative animated uses of the symbol.

They have a saying in Mexico that reflects their passion for trees: 
despues de que el ultimo arbol sea cortado
despues de que el ultimo pez sea apresado
despues de que el ultimo rio sea secado
solo entonces sabras que el dinero no se puede comer
Only after the last tree has been made into lumber
Only after the last fish has been caught
Only after the last river has gone dry
Only then will you understand
that money cannot be eaten

Send your pictures using the Universal Eco-Symbol for posting on this website.

[click on pictures to see captions]


The world has recently entered a new era

 Two hundred years ago global population was less than one billion people. Today, in 2012, it is over seven billion and climbing. Problems like climate change, pollution, over fishing, deforestation and water shortages are getting worse. (See World Population Count as of this minute.)

Heightened awareness about the environment will increase demand Earth-friendly policies and products and support those who offer them. A universal eco-symbol says that all environmental concerns are inter-connected to one overarching problem, for the first time in history, human activity is depleting and degrading Earth's resources faster than nature can renew them.

A universal eco-symbol can be used on websites, newsletters, environmental journals, green products and businesses everywhere.  It can be used by Boy and Girl Scouts as a merit badge, colored by children, worn on baseball caps, T-shirts and on politician's lapels. It can be used on product packaging and advertisements for Earth-friendly products. It can be fashioned into jewelry, be a design option for personal checks and affixed to car windows.  Like the peace symbol, the eco-symbol can be stylized to accomodate individual design preferences and applications. And like the peace symbol, it is free to use by anyone.  

Why isn't more being done?

Our political, religious and economic attitudes were formed over thousands of years during which time it was thought that resources would always be plentiful. It is therefore understandable that global conventions for living within Earth's limits have yet to be established.

There is good news

There is sufficient technology and practical knowledge to solve the world's environmental problems while actually increasing our quality of life. Environmental education and advocacy is also increasing. Information about global warming, water shortages and other concerns are frequently in the news. More and more people are asking what they can do to help and making sustainable choices.

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Learning about the interconnected web of all life

The first two pictures below were taken at a LEPOCO Peace Camp held July 26 ~ 30, 2004 in Allentown. In the picture on the left, the children are showing off the pencil holders they made covered with their own artistic rendition of the 'One with the Earth' symbol. In other pictures, they are learning about the importance of trees the animals, people, air, water, and soil.  They all got a chance to taste many fruits and nuts from trees.

A riddle: Why do some people get fat but plants do not?
A: Plants are light eaters. © Bob Thaves

In pictures from Unitarian Universalist Curch in Bethlehem, PA, we discussed parts of a tree  and how the tree helps people, animals and the environment. We ate stored sunshine energy (fruit that grew on trees).  Children made their own 'One with the Earth' buttons and learned what the symbol represents.  

Click on images to see full size

'One with the Earth' Pencil Holders
Learning about Trees
UUCLV Albert showing off his hand-made Button
UUCLV 08-01-04 Drawing trees
Laura eating some stored sunshine energy (fruit)
Coloring a 'One with the Earth symbol
UUCLV youth group eating stored sunshine (fruit)
Hunter Lewis UUCLV
Spring Garden Elementary School Bethlehem, PA
High School students learning about global population growth
Ralph Nader wearing 'One with the Earth' button
Grace Lutheran Church
6,000,000,000 Monkeys sculpture

"The earth is finite. Its ability to absorb wastes and destructive effluent is finite. Its ability to provide food and energy is finite. Its ability to provide for growing numbers of people is finite. And we are fast approaching many of the earth's limits. Current economic practices which damage the environment, in both developed and underdeveloped nations, cannot be continued without the risk that vital global systems will be damaged beyond repair." World Scientists warning from 1992 (1,500 signatories).