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Educate the public about the importance of climate change

Climate Change is the most urgent issue of our time.

The Fast Way to Get Public

Support for Climate Legislation

Employ large scale coordinated information campaigns to target diverse constituencies with messages that resonate delivered by messengers they trust.

Will you invest 15 minutes writing a letter

if it has a decent chance it would spur action?

Let me convince you --

Read the Proposal Here: Google Drive 


Nearly everything needed to address climate change is ready. The science is solid. The remedies are known. The technologies are available and affordable. Plus President Obama and Pope Francis are on board.  The only obstacle is congress.  And that can be fixed more easily than you might think.

Q. Why do millions of people feel they must see a 'blockbuster' movie, buy expensive sneakers, eat gluten fee or send cards and flowers on Valentine's Day? 

Answer: Marketing.  Strategic marketing can shape public opinion about climate change and motivate the majority of voters to demand strong climate legislation.  Once the general public accepts the reality of climate change, no amount of money spent by the opposition will sway them. Let the opposition try to buy influence--politicians will follow the opinion polls.

To achieve such a high level of public support for climate action will require a heavily funded marketing organization.  This organization will use a variety of coordinated marketing approaches and will collaborate with other organizations having the same goal: stopping human induced global warming. For purposes of this discussion, let's call this enterprise Climate Action Project (CAP). 


The CAP campaigns will be managed by a multi-million dollar privately funded non-profit enterprise financed by philanthropic individuals and organizations. It will employ the best strategists, social psychologists, planners, spokespeople and public relations experts working together under a board of governors. The goal is for political polls to indicate that only candidates ready to address climate change can get elected. 


If I had a connection to Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton or any of the many who have the money and a desire to tackle climate change, I bet they could be convinced that this approach is viable with a high probability of success.  But I don't have those connections or credentials. President Obama does.

Our job is to ask the president to convene a meeting of some of the 'super rich'. There, he can present this strategy and challenge them to pursue it--for the good of the country and for all humanity.

Please read the full proposal with more about how you can help on  Google Drive.  <>  


If after reading the proposal,  you see merit in this strategy, please share it with your friends.  Talk to them and include this link:

My goal is to get this idea implemented by people with the capacity to do so.  I am not interested in recognition or being involved.   My motive is simply to do what I can to ensure a livable world for my grandchildren and future generations.

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Read the Proposal Here: Google Drive


Thank you,  ~Dan Poresky